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The five stages in a brand's Voice journey.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The four dominant platforms in the industry in 2020 are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby. It is estimated that there are:

a. 200M devices with Alexa

b. 500M Samsung devices with Bixby

c. 500M Apple devices with Siri

d. 1B Google Android Phones with Google Assistant

In addition, there are thousands of form factors today that have one of these four voice assistants built in. Following devices are at the forefront of user adoption and voice engagement.

Delivering a consistent multi-modal voice experience that is anchored in brand identity and works across devices & platforms is essential. Partnering with companies that offer high quality end-to-end voice solution such as @amizenlabs can make this journey fun and easy.

The five stages in a brand's voice journey

Stage 1: Think Voice

Who are the stakeholders – Customers, Suppliers, Internal? What value are you creating for them? How do you intend to capture value? Does this value creation opportunity help you achieve a specific business goal? The goal at this stage is to ask the right questions to unravel specific stakeholder-voice-value creation opportunities.

Stage 2: Give your brand a Voice

Most voice assistants have a Wake word (‘Alexa’ or ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Siri’) followed by Invocation words (‘order a pizza’ or ‘jobs near me’). These invocation words are limited, and brands have a huge opportunity to own the invocation words before they are reserved by competition. Get your brand to roll out a simple experience across Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby and reserve the invocation words. These invocation words are similar in analogy to a domain name for the website. @amizenlabs can help you setup your voice presence quickly across Alexa, Assistant, and Bixby platforms.

Stage 3: Control the voice narrative for your brand, products, and services. Build trusted Voice engagements.

Getting your invocation words and having a voice presence is urgent and important for your brand but more importantly being in control of the voice narrative for your brand, products, and services is even more important. What does Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby say today about your brand, products, and services? Is it the narrative you want? Is it aligned with your brand vision and identity?

How do you create a meaningful voice engagement and voice experience that positions your brand in the driving seat of voice conversations? What is your brand persona? What are your customer personas? Is your Voice strategy aligned with your digital strategy? Design and develop consistent conversational experience that is true to your brand identity and brand value across Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby. Derive insights into how your voice engagements are being used and iterate to improve engagement.

Stage 4: Deliver your product or service seamlessly over smart speakers and smart displays

To gain competitive advantage, what is it that you can do differently that will benefit your customers and make your competition sweat? Ikea’s brilliant move to modular furniture concept caught worldwide furniture manufacturers off-guard who were paying exorbitant shipping rates for bulky furtnite whereas Ikea's furniture in a box. This idea of fundamentally changing the way things are made or delivered in your industry can give sustainable competitive advantage. What product or services can be delivered or made across smart speakers, cars, smart displays, television, wearables, phone, tablets, and laptops that give you a sustainable competitive advantage?

Stage 5: Harness Vision, Custom Voice and Intelligence

The customer experiences of tomorrow are not just limited to Voice, we will see convergence of Custom Voice, Computer Vision, and Augment Machine Intelligence to develop experiences that are unforgettable. Companies that create value, deliver value and capture value using the convergence of Vision, Voice and AI will be the dominant players of tomorrow.

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