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Computer Vision & Custom Object Detection

AI is helping save lives. Computer Vision and Custom object detection neural network model detects handgun in near realtime. The deep learning convolution neural network model was trained using custom images and labels. 


Only 350 images were used for training the deep learning model with 25 EPOCHS.


Conversational AI: Custom Google Assistant Action

Voice engagements and interactions are growing at a faster pace than any other user interface model. Today, over 60 million households in USA use voice assistant such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

We are helping diabetes patients easily record their symptom, glucose reading, blood pressure, and fever simply using Voice. 

Image Classification: Mask Detection

AI helps detect if a person is wearing mask properly.


We used transfer learning model to train the neural network to detect if someone is wearing a face mask or not.

The deep learning model used SSDMobileNetv2 as base model and trained custom layers to achieve the results.


Computer Vision & Image Classification 

AI wins Barcelona race in Asphalt Airborne 8


To teach the deep learning network how to play the game, we captured real-time screen data and keys pressed on the keyboard. 

Using convolution neural network we trained it for image classification. Total data used was less than 12,000 records.

Conversational AI: Alexa Custom Sklll

Does your brand have a Voice? If you say to  Alexa: "Alexa <open my brand name>". What does Alexa say?


We can help build your brand presence on devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant. 


Conversational AI: Google Action on Mobile Phone

There are over 1 billion devices with Google Assistant installed. 

According to Google, voice search is one of the fastest growing categories. Our voice action runs on all google devices (phone, tablet, android watch, google home, etc.

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