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Deliver successful AI projects on On-Premise, Cloud, and Edge.

AI Production Implementation & Roadmap (On-Premise, Cloud, and Edge)

The journey from AI Proof of Concept (PoC) to successful full-fledged Production requires careful planning and execution. We can help you each step of the way towards successful AI implementation of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Conversational AI projects. 

What makes a good AI Production Blueprint?

While not all projects may require a formal Production Roadmap phase, it is essential to have the following in place to underwrite the success of the project:

  1. Ethical AI consensus and agreement

  2. Project / Feature plan

  3. Functional & Non-functional specifications

  4. AI Technology Stack (Google TensorFlow, AWS Sage Maker, Microsoft Azure ML/CGS)

  5. Technical specifications

  6. Deployment plan for on-premise / in-cloud / edge

  7. Resource plan

  8. Total cost of ownership with managed services, on-premise, in-cloud, edge

AI Production Implementation

We help you each step of the way to plan, develop, implement, manage, and deliver successful AI projects on-premise, in-cloud, and on-edge. Our experience in Image Classification, Custom Object Detection & Tracking, Computer Vision, Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural networks can help deliver the best in-class solution for your needs. 

Key Objective​ of the Production Implementation

To plan, develop, test, optimize and deploy successful AI solution on-premise, in-cloud, and on-edge.

Our Approach for AI Projects

  1. Project Planning & detailed specifications

  2. Develop technical architecture and design

  3. Data aggregation, ingestion, cleaning, and refinement

  4. Model development, optimization, and evaluation

  5. Model accessibility and integration

  6. Model validation, testing, and optimization

  7. Model deployment and monitoring

Need help with AI Production Roadmap & Implementation?

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