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Hassle-free AI Managed Services Plan (AI-as-Service)

AI fully managed service

Embrace AI-as-Service model with in-cloud and edge computing. No need for in-house infrastructure or dedicated resources. Meet the new demands for your AI project easily.

Platform selection & Choice for AI fully managed services

We are platform agnostic and our expertise spans across industry leading AI platforms. We can help you explore and select the platform that is best suitable for your needs and your current investments.

Our Approach towards AI as fully managed service

Our goal is to deliver a Hassle-free, reliable, and robust AI fully managed service which includes:

  1. Data pipeline, integration, and model hosting

  2. Monitoring of system health, logs, and model performance

  3. User and technical support  for the AI model

  4. Extended support hours

  5. Retraining model and optimization

Looking for hassle-free AI-as-Service? 

Thanks! Looking forward to connecting with you shortly.

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