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What is Computer Vision, Deep Learning & Neural Network?

Computer Vision enables machines to acquire visual data, process the visual information, and extract key elements from the visuals. Computer Vision tasks can be performed on live video streams, recorded videos, and saved images to extract knowledge and insights quickly and easily. 

Deep Learning and Neural Networks are a subset of Artificial Intelligence that enable machines to observe, learn, understand, and predict outcomes. The organization, nomenclature, and processing by deep learning and neural networks are inspired by the working of the human brain.  Supervised learning enables Neural Networks to learn by observing labeled visual information. Once the Neural Network has completed the process of learning, it can then automatically classify  or predict.

The convergence of computer vision and deep learning models are creating unprecedented opportunities to accomplish tasks that once required significant financial and human capital.


Technologies such as computer vision and deep learning neural networks are paving way for new entrants and significant disruption in many of the industries. 

Computer Vision Applications: Image Classification / Image Recognition   


Training deep learning models to understand images, audios, videos, and live feeds and be able to classify or make decision based on the classification is powerful. Here are few use cases:

Custom Object Detection & Custom Object Tracking Applications

Custom object detection and tracking is a game-changer in many industries, the ability to identify a custom object in an image or video feed and take an action based on the presence of that object or position of that object provides for a wide array of use cases that can improve efficiency and create value.

Convolution Neural Network (CNN)

The Convolution Neural Network (CNN) is generally used for image detection, image classification, object detection, and object tracking related deep learning tasks. We can design and implement end-to-end image recognition and object detection solutions for you by developing a custom AI model from scratch or utilizing  pre-built models and using transfer learning methods that can deliver quick turnaround without compromising accuracy.

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