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AI in Healthcare

AI has the potential to transform quality healthcare at its very foundation. The dichotomy of quality healthcare and higher cost can be decoupled by embracing responsible AI in healthcare. AI has the potential to bring transformational change in Healthcare with improved productivity, patient experience, overall health outcomes, and reduction in healthcare cost. 

Responsible AI in Healthcare.

AI has the potential to transform people's lives by playing an integral role in patient experience and outcomes. Delivering responsible and ethical AI is a serious commitment.


Responsible AI framework includes:

  1. Establishing moral scope and framework that considers social and ethical impact of AI projects and well-defined criteria for permissibility.

  2. Develop transparent Governance Framework and processes that underwrite planning, implementation, and delivery of AI solutions.

  3. Design & deliver AI Projects that are non-biased, non-discriminatory, non-biased, fair, and transparent.

AI in Healthcare Use Cases with Computer Vision & Conversational AI.

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